I Don’t Own This House

The bank doesn’t own this house either. I’m just visiting. I’ve been visiting in this house since 1975. It’s a long visit, but it’s still just a visit. I took responsibility for the house from somebody who took responsibility for the house from somebody. I’m not sure when the original part of the house was built. Rooms were added on. There are peculiarities like two … Continue reading I Don’t Own This House

Personal/Desk Top AC

When water evaporates, it lowers the temperature of the air. The water is changing state – from a liquid to a vapor. As the temperature of the air drops, the amount of moisture in the air – or relative humidity (RH) – increases. Window air conditioners and central air conditioners increase comfort by reducing the temperature AND relative humidity. “It’s not the heat. It’s the … Continue reading Personal/Desk Top AC