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Garden Fresh Salad

June 30, 2017

The problem is adjectives – adjectives and reality TV shows.  Garden fresh salad sounds much better than . . . salad.    Crisp green lettuce.  You can almost feel the crunch.  The same thing is true for people.  When we start calling people lying this and crooked that, itfresh-garden-salad defines the message that is coming next.  Which, of course, is exactly the point. But how can you have a civil and productive conversation with someone or about something if you’ve smeared it with a negative adjective?  The objections to some person or cause should be defined by the facts.  Facts are nouns.

What if the Declaration of Independence was peppered with adjectives?

When in the marvelous Course of wonderful human events it becomes necessary for one outstanding people to dissolve the crooked political bands which have connected them with another who is slimy, no-good, and worthless and to assume among the exceptional powers of the gonna-be-wonderful earth the separate and equal (and in our case, winning) station to which the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God entitle them, a decent (but unnecessary) respect to the fake opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the brilliant-just-and-truly-wonderful causes which impel them to this radical but excellent separation.

And if some event or participant is the winner then some other event or participant is the loser.  Winner and loser are also adjectives driven into popular vernacular by reality TV shows.  We need to stop thinking in terms of winners and losers when it comes to national policies.  A great school system is great for all.  A great health care system is great for the entire system in so many ways.

A country and the passage of time is NOT a TV show.  This is a country of people, citizens, people living and working and pursuing happiness and liberty together.  Not as Republicans or Democrats or Independents or some other party or affiliation or religion, but as Americans.  A Senator in Massachusetts or Georgia or Montana represents the citizens of that state, but they also represent the citizens of the United States.  And that is THE important adjective: UNITED.