What do you know about your house’s nose?

What’s special about an exterior vent hood or cap or (if you want to be technical) termination fitting?  That’s like asking what’s special about a nose?  Without vent caps the air would not leave the house in an orderly fashion.  Just like the air coming out of your lungs.  When your nose is stopped up, it’s hard to breathe.  The same is true with a vent cap.  If a dryer vent cap is full of lint, the air has a hard time getting out of the dryer.  And that’s a shame because it is the movement of air that allows the clothes to dry.  Lint traps don’t always work very well despite the enthusiasm that dryer manufacturers have for them.

wc-series-wall-cap-building-envelope-rainscreen-225x225But I want to tell you about a very special wall cap made by Primex.  This one is meant to be connected to 4″ ducting.  Nothing really special there.  So what is special?  Well, for one thing the 4″ duct is meant to slide inside the throat on this fitting.  As duct pieces are fitted together, the first piece is meant to fit inside the second piece, the second piece inside the third and so on.  Why?  Because if the first piece fits outside the second piece, any gaps or cracks will spill air outside the duct because the pressure is on the upstream side.

What else is special about this vent cap?  The mounting flange and the outside collar are all made of one piece so water can’t come in.  And yet the hood itself can be unscrewed from the flange for cleaning and service.  The flange can remain permanently attached to the wall!

It also has an very good, gravity return back-draft damper and bird screen both of which can be removed (the damper snaps out, the screen has to be cut out).

But the best part is the curve of the hood itself.  This curve gently eases the air out of the end of the duct.  A lot of caps have very abrupt exits and that increases the resistance.  Resistance in these products can be simulated by the number of equivalent feet of straight,


Poor Quality Vent Caps

rigid ducting.  Some hoods can have equivalent lengths of 60 or 70 feet!  This hood has an equivalent length of just 25 feet.  Air has to trundle along the duct, bounce around corners, and rattle away over the corrugations of flex duct.  And when at last it gets to the termination fitting, it is compelled to make one last turn while pushing open the damper and then exit to freedom!  You want to make that as easy as possible.

Oh, one more thing . . . two more things: the cap is made of durable UV-protected polymer resin that lasts a really long time and, two,  it comes in a multitude of colors – white, taupe, black, light gray, tan, and (on special order) dark gray and dark brown.

Think about it. PRMX-WC401


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