Nature’s Choice

Oh, drat.  Internet’s down again.  Can’t do anything!  Can’t make phone calls.  Can’t surf the web.  Life sucks.

Maple Tree Down

Power of the wind

Oh, oh.  Power just went out.  Good thing this is a laptop that runs on batteries.  Good thing I have them charged.  Good thing the generator’s running.

What was that?!  A piece of a tree just went through the roof.  Gotta get that hole patched before it starts to pour.  Sure is windy up on the roof.  Not a great time for roof work.  Good thing I’ve got roof jacks and “Ice & Water” shield in the garage.

Holy phisters!  Another huge branch down.  Took off the front porch this time

Small chain saw, big branches.  Chain saw up in smoke.  Oh, well.  We’ll wait till after the storm.

Storm doesn’t seem to want to stop.  But the generator did.  Now we sit in the dark.  Not bad.  Romantic for one night.  Candlelight dinner and howling wind.  Oh, wait, now there’s a full moon.

Of all the nights in 81 years, my father-in-law chooses this one to die in.  Peacefully.  In his sleep.  In his own house.  With his wife there to mourn him.

Not everyone was as lucky in this storm.  Some people died alone.  Although some people weren’t touched.  Some people were wiped out.  Untold thousands of houses swamped.  Towns under water.  Towns burning.  Even the throb of New York City business has paused.

But I can’t help but wonder if this weather is a harbinger of things to come as the climate shifts.  I can’t help but wonder what the world will be like for my grandchildren.  I can’t help but wonder about all those towns along the New Jersey shore, all those houses with all those previously enviable views, all those people whose small businesses built up over the years that are now gone.  I can’t help but wonder at the power of the wind and the volume of the water that got thrown around like an angry child.

I can’t help but wonder at how lucky I was, how lucky my family was, as I turn and look up at the clear sky and the full moon and the brilliant stars, and breath in the warm, once again peaceful, fall air.

But the internet is back.  I’ve reset the clocks.  I still need to find a chain saw to remove the tree from the front porch.  I’m going to sock away a bucket of ‘D’ cell batteries this time.  The insurance adjuster is on his way.  The patch is holding in the roof.  And luckily the TV stations are bringing us live disaster pictures, reporters in waders, wandering through deserted streets,  sponsored by the endless political ads.


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