ASHRAE 62.2 Training

Image  I know I have way too much ASHRAE 62.2 stuff on my brain.  It is really just a stand-in for residential ventilation.  I promise to back away from it . . . at some point, but right now I have to tell you about some courses I have put together with some professional help.  (I need all of that I can get!)

I have done a fair amount of training over the years, but I think I have finally figured out how to make this work.  You have to describe stuff, show pictures, emphasize the fundamental principals, but then you have to apply all of that to a real problem.  This course does that.  It covers all the fundamental issues in the standard – sizing the system, taking into account the infiltration credit, the existing homes Appendix A, documenting and testing the system, but it makes the participants apply that information to some real houses. Admittedly they are still on paper because we couldn’t go out to different types of houses in different parts of the country, but they effectively walk into each house, survey the existing situation, and then apply the standard.  And so far it has worked well.  The solutions have been effective and creative.  It is feasible in some cases, to simply increase the size of the ducting on an existing fan, increasing the airflow and meeting the requirements.  It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

The course works through the sizing and then meeting the sizing requirements by choosing the ventilation products.  It then considers the installation issues – the actual plus equivalent length of the duct-work equals the effective length.  It also goes through a cost exercise.  It’s surprising how small the electrical cost is for running these very efficient systems.  (If you run a 10 watt fan 24/day 365 days/year and electricity costs you 12 cents per kWh, it will cost you about $10.51 cents.  Per year!  About the same as your door bell transformer!)  The conditioned air cost isn’t at all bad either.  It turns out that providing mechanical ventilation is quite inexpensive to operate while allowing the house to be made tighter, saving more energy.

(Here’s a read-only version of the Standard.)

Your place or mine?  We are offering the course at the Cape and Islands Self Reliance building here on Cape Cod.  We will also bring it to you.  (If we can reasonably drive there in a day, we’ll bring all the props and tools or we’ll work something out with you.)  We are also offering the course on-line through Energy Logic Academy.  This truly unique version of training allows a group of students to work together on projects, interact with each other and with the trainer, and develop some exceptional skills.  All of the versions of the course qualify for both BPI and RESNET CEUs.  Check it out on our website.

Call me and we can fix you right up.  866-389-8578


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